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The Great Race

$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac7.1-9.5 Only!) (Retail) (GREATRACDR)

Publisher: Big Tuna New Media / Infogrames

Ages: 4 and up


from Discovery School

B from Just Adventure

Help Little Critter Build and Race a Soapbox Racer!

Join Little Critter to help find the parts he needs to build a racer for the annual Critterville Soapbox Derby. Search from bedroom to basement, hardware store to the haunted house; make trades, play games and solve puzzles to gather and earn parts from the fun and friendly folks around Critterville. Best of all, once Little Critter's racer is complete, you can race it in the Soapbox Derby! This adventure-style game is perfect for Little Critter fans everywhere!

Game Features:

Over 20 locations to explore all around Critterville.

3 cool racers to choose from for a different adventure each time.

6 challenging mini games and puzzles: The Recyclotron, The Balloona Palooza, The Great Race itself and more!

Eye-catching animation and colorful backgrounds.


Win95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 100 MHz (166 MHz recommended), 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended), 1 MB free hard drive space if you want to save your games, 4x Speed (8x Speed recommended), Super VGA (640x480x256), Sound Blaster 16 or 100% compatible Sound Card.

Macintosh: System 7.1-9.5, 68040 33 MHz or higher, 8 MB installed RAM (5 MB RAM free), 1 MB hard drive space if you wish to save your games, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480x256 color display.

Tested OK on Windows XP.


Discovery School

"Obtaining the parts needed to build a racer is not just a matter of finding them—players need to collect objects, and trade or win them. For example, in one game, a monkey at the zoo is holding on to a steering wheel. Kids need to find something to feed the monkey in order to get this important part for Little Critter's racer.

"Children visit all sorts of interesting places in Critterville by means of four maps of the fictional town. Players direct Little Critter as he drops in at his home, visits a junkyard, stops by a pond, and even enters a house that is rumored to be haunted. There are hotspots everywhere, most of which trigger jokes and songs. Some "clickables", however, lead to mini-games. There are six of them altogether, and these include memory/matching games and puzzles. Some can be played at different difficulty levels, and others give kids the option to challenge themselves by playing against a timer.

"Although the style of the game is similar to that of a Humongous Junior Adventure (such as Putt-Putt Joins the Race, for example), navigation is slightly different. Children need to use any of four maps in order to get from one place to the next, a task that is a little tricky for younger players."

"This enjoyable CD-ROM takes kids on a problem-solving adventure. Though it is a little tricky at times, the game presents fun challenges for the brain, and rewards kids with a chance to take part in a fun race."

Just Adventure by Valerie Davis

"Graphics are 2D, cartoon style. I've always liked the Little Critter style of illustration. Voices are very good as in the other Little Critter games I have played. This is nice as you speak with many Critters in Critterville. Lots of background sound effects, too. Birds, bees, water noises, etc. The interface is point-n-click."

"It is a fun inventory-finding game with a Great Race at the end as your reward."

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