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ZOOM Steel Panthers II
$9.95 (DOS) (Retail) (STEELP2PR)

Strategic Simulations, Inc


Difficulty Level: Intermediate


4 1/2 stars from Computer Gaming World - Critics Choice

Modern Day Mega-Tank Mayhem!

After playing Steel Panthers and enjoying its incredible WWII armored warfare, you're dying for more. Well, Steel Panthers II is here, and it's going to rock your world. Fight campaigns in recent conflicts such as Korea, Sinai, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Engage in hypothetical battles like NATO vs. Warsaw Pact or Japan vs. the U.S. in 1998. Or create your own battles with the powerful Scenario Generator and Editor.

Steel Panthers II is SSI and Gary Grigsby at their very best. Detailed historical accuracy. All the right modern tanks, attack helicopters, jet fighters and missile systems. Digitized photos and powerful sound effects. Modern video combat footage. And all of the explosive armored conflict that you've come to expect from the acknowledged leader in premium wargaming.

Game Highlights:

Modern Warfare: Lead a single squad or an entire battalion through Europe, Asia and the Middle East from 1950 to 1999.

Campaign Feature: Fight a progressive series of small battles with the same units, while reinforcments replace losses.

Historical Scenarios: Reenact numerous conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

Hypothetical Scenarios: Several explosive "what ifs" erupt in Korea, Canada, Europe and Russa

Campaigns: Direct operations in China, Europe and the Middle East - including the Liberation of Kuwait: Operation Desert Storm.

Do-it-yourself: The Scenario Generator and powerful scenario editing features make it easy to create your own conflicts.

Email play: Challenge a remote opponent via email.

You are there: Authentic modern combat video footage enhances the wargaming masterpiece.

Requirements: 486DX/2-66 minimum (Pentium recommended), DOS 6.22 or greater, minimum 8 MB of RAM, 1 MB SVGA card required, minimum 16 MB of RAM to use replay feature for PBEM, 12 MB minimum hard drive spade (40MB recommended), requires maximum 1 MB per save or scenario, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, uncompressed hard drive, Sound Blaster family and 100% compatibles, Micoroft or Logitech mouse or 100% compatible.

DOS games do not work on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and we do not offer technical support for DOS games running on such systems. However, if you really want to run games like this on your fast new computer you should try using DOSBox. The DOSBox OpenSource DOS emulator is an excellent piece of work which we can highly recommend. It isn't possible for us to guarantee that it will work well for you, however, especially on other graphic-intensive DOS games. For older DOS games like Civilization, however, it works well with any machine capable of running newer operating systems.

To start with, you will need to download the Win32 Installer using this link:

The README file included with DOSBox will tell you what you need to know. If you find it a bit too technical, just click on The Newbie's Pictoral Guide to DOSBox on the following page:

We find that it is best to create a separate shortcut for each DOSBox game. That makes starting the game easier and also makes full screen mode easier to deal with.


Computer Gaming World, February 1997

"Following the success of the original Steel Panthers, the question was: could its game engine be adapted to modern armored combat without a serious overhaul? Armored warfare in World War II was primarily a question of gun power against armor thickness, and few weapons were effective beyond 1,000 yards. However, in this age of highly accurate, long-range guided missiles, high-tech fire control and gun stabilization, Chobam and reactive armor, helicopter gunships and troop transports, supersonic attack aircraft, cluster munitions, radar and infrared antiaircraft systems and a variety of armor-piercing ammunition, simulating the interaction between the units and wapons systems is a far more complex proposition. To their credit, designers Gary Grigsby and Keith Brors have made it happen. Steel Panthers II, while more complex than its predecessor, is just as much fun to play."

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