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ZOOM Jack 6
Nine Times Computer Bridge World Champion
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015!!!
$69.95 (WinXP/Vista/Win7/8) (Download Only) (JACKBRIDPO)
Version 6.10. This is a download-only product; a CD is *not* included. We will supply you with the download access code within 24 hours. You should select "Free Shipping" when placing your order.
Sold Out (WinXP/Vista/Win7/8) (DVD Case) (JACKBRIDPR)
CD Version 6.10.
$39.95 (WinXP/Vista/Win7/8) (Download Only) (JACKBRUPO)
Upgrade from Version 5 to 6. Version 6.10. This is a download-only product; a CD is *not* included. We will supply you with the download access code within 24 hours. You should select "Free Shipping" when placing your order.
$39.95 (WinXP/Vista/Win7/8) (DVD Case) (JACKBRUPR)
CD Upgrade from Version 5 to Version 6.10.
$19.95 Tournaments 2002
(WinXP/Vista/Win7/8) (Jewel Case) (JACKBR02PJ)
This CD contains 1749 deals in 12 tournaments (mainly from 2002). Some of the tournaments are annotated by World Champion Berry Westra and others. The add-on CD can be used with any version of Jack.

Publisher: Kuijf & Kuijf Software

Packaging: Both Jack and the Jack upgrade are packaged in DVD cases and include a printed manual with the appropriate activation code. They normally ship by First Class Mail within the US and by international airmail outside the US. We also offer a downloadable version at the same price which includes a manual that can be printed. This version does not require any shipping charges.

Game / Card

One of the Best Bridge Programs in the World

World Champion Computer Bridge 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2013!

Jack is a computer bridge program developed by bridge players for bridge players. One of the developers is former world champion Berry Westra (Bermuda Bowl, Chile 1993). Jack uses state-of-the-art computer algorithms. Jack's possibilities exceed those of all other bridge playing programs. Besides its exceptional bidding and playing strength, Jack offers a very user friendly interface with many interesting features.

Jack offers a very user friendly interface. Its ergonomical interface allows you to relax and enjoy using Jack. If you're not completely satisfied with the default looks, you have numerous possibilities to adjust it to your own likings. Settings exist for almost anything: the colors, the backside of the cards and the shape of the playing table are just a few examples. With Jack the pretty playing cards are not only printed on the outside of the box, but you also play with them on screen. You can choose between English (international), French, German or Dutch playing cards. The sets are all based on the Carta Mundi playing cards. You don't like the rounded corners on the cards? Jack will straighten them for you. If you prefer larger numbers and letters on the playing cards, Jack offers a special set also.

Ease of Use:

  • The fully graphical user interface was developed by bridge players for bridge players. Jack comes with a manual so you can sit down and read about the most important features. Above that the program has a built in interactive help with many examples. The tip of the day will help you master Jack's possibilities faster. After you completed a deal you can have Jack replay the deal and instantly compare your result with Jack. You can store the bid and play to look it over again at a later moment. Your own deal annotations can be incorporated and stored with the deal in Jack.
  • The program is very friendly. You can play with all cards visible, take back cards or restart a deal at any time. Settings were not only developed to change the appearance on your screen but also to adjust Jack's behaviour. You can even set the tolerance with which Jack has to accept your claims.
  • After you completed a deal you can have Jack replay the deal and instantly compare your result with Jack. You can store the bid and play to look it over again at a later moment. Your own deal annotations can be incorporated and stored with the deal in Jack.
  • The powerful deal profile allows you to generate deals that meet certain criteria. Specifying for example auction, distributions, combined values for North and South, playing tricks or points enables you to create almost any situation. Very usefull for practising purposes. You can even have Jack calculate the statistical probability for any profile. For example the probability for a 1NT opening. Each deal has a number. All 53.644.737.765.488.792.839.237.440.000 possible bridge deals can be generated. You can use this number to generate a specific deal again. It also ensures you won't play the same deal twice.
  • Deals can be printed directly to the printer or exported to HTML files. You can specify in detail what to print (diagram, auction, play, footnotes, alerts, annotations). The HTML- (internet-) format allows you to directly bring the information online, look at it in your favorite browser, email it to your partner or edit it with a word processor.
  • Inputting a deal is very easy, have Jack show you how he would have bid and played the deals from you local competition.
  • You decide if you want announcing bids and plays switched on, in which case you'll hear the voice of Berry Westra.

Tournaments and Competitions:

Extensive tournament environment with many tournaments. Jack offers the functionality to create your own tournaments. Match Points, imps, imp pairs and more. Just enter the number of rounds/contestants. Jack will play the tournament for all participants whilst varying its play to generate the necessary variation in the results. Also almost any PBN can be converted to a tournament. The same tournament can be played by more than one user. This enables you to compare with other people. Neat reports with tournament results can be printed.

To start your own tournaments collection the CD contains 25 tournaments (totalling over 100 sessions), in which you play partnering Jack. These tournaments all appeared on Jack's website earlier. New tournaments will continue to be made available in the future. For more tournaments the Tournaments 2002 CD with annotated tournaments is on sale. Included are some of the finals of recent Worldchampionships Computer Bridge.

Jack has a built-in virtual bridge club, the JackBridge club, complete with promotion and demotion. You compete with Jack as your partner amidst computer personalities. There are six different skill levels (flights) and in a higher flight the computer players will be tougher to beat. Of course you can specify the length of the competition, the strength of the other players, and whether your opponents use their own convention cards or yours. Your goal is to move up the ladder of skill levels. Try to become the champion of the club!

Bid and Play:

Jack has a very extensive convention card environment. Major convention cards from all around the world are built in, amongst others: Standard American Yellow Card, Dutch Acol, 2/1 GF, Bridge World Standard, Jack Verona (the exact card that was used in Verona 2006), Moscito (a strong club system developed by the Australian international Paul Marston) and Jack's own convention card. Of course convention cards for novices are available as well.

You can compose your own convention card using adjustable conventions. Jack now has over 80 adjustable conventions including: Variable 1NT, additional defences against 1NT, Puppet Stayman after 1NT. Many other bidding additions as well, e.g. you can specify the style of overcalling you would like Jack to use and it is possible to count an extra trump when using RKC Blackwood).

Jack contains the fastest double dummy solver in the world. Jack will instantly show you how many tricks can be made with each card.

Jack is completely multi-lingual, you can dynamically switch between English, Dutch, French, German and Polish. Within any of the supported languages you can also use the English, Dutch, French or German playing cards. If your language is not supported yet, we offer the possibility to translate the user interface.

The Top 10 Improvements Incorporated in Jack 6.0

Here is a list of the most significant ways in which Jack 6.0 has improved upon Jack 5.

The most recent version of Jacks bridge engine as well as Jacks Bali 2013 convention card. In Computer World Bridge Championship of 2013 at Bali, Indonesia, Jack played better and faster to keep his 2012 title from Lille, France. Now you can use the same methods with and against Jack.

Exhanced playing strength. Besides adjusting the playing strength you can now adjust Jacks bidding aggressiveness in detail. Jack himself is not afraid to overbid once in while and if that is something you hate in your partnership you can tone him down!

Strongly improved preemptive bidding. Many options available to tune the preemptive bidding style in your partnership with Jack.

More tournaments, bidding contests and many more deals for the built in virtual JackBridge Club.

A new tournament scoring method: instant matchpoints. Join a huge pair tournaments and instantly see how you are doing.

Complete support for Berry Westras teaching methods. Four card minor as well as his modern five card major methods. Special convention cards for first and second year students are available.

Built-in provision for updating: Now you can download improvements to Jack and new tournaments as they become available on our website ... free of charge until we create Jack 7.

Jack 6 is now usable on "notebook" computers (laptops without a CD drive) and works without a problem under Windows 8.

On-screen playing cards are digitally enhanced and now available for even the highest resolutions.

Many improvements to the Interactive Professor Jack. The Professor will look over your shoulder as you play, making helpful comments about your bidding and card play on the spot. He is flexible. At your command, he will comment about whatever aspects of your play you specify.

Options are available to slow down Jacks speed of play to the pace you are used to.

Improved help functions and a renewed online manual. The manual is available as a PDF in order to print the manual as a booklet for easier reading.

Jack 6 provides dozens of other improvements and enhancements, of course, including more tournaments, more deals in competition, new bidding conventions, Jack's Bali 2013 convention card, reviews of played deals in the game-viewer, and changes in Jack's partnership approaches.


Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8: Works on any system capable of running those opreating systems, both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of those systems. Of course, Jack does play better (and faster) on faster systems.



Of the seven teams that vied for the 2006 Computer Bridge World Championship in Verona, Italy, June 17th through June 22nd, four emerged from the qualifying round-robin (six 28-board matches. The Dutch program Jack, seeking to regain the crown he had lost to the French program Wbridge5 in 2005 after winning the previous four championships, won all six of his round-robin matches and led the field by a wide victory-point margin. The final standings in the Round Robin: 1. Jack (Netherlands) 124 VP 2. Micro Bridge (Japan) 104 VP 3. WBridge5 (France) 102 VP 4. Q-Plus Bridge (Germany) 99 VP 5. Bridge Baron (USA) 82 VP 6. Blue Chip Bridge (England) 66 VP 7. Shark Bridge (Denmark) 52 VP In one 64-board semi-final match, Jack annihilated Q-Plus Bridge, 239 IMPs to only 41. In the other semi-final, Micro Bridge edged defending champion Wbridge5, 141 IMPs to 133. Both programs had improved substantially from last year, but the highly enterprising style of Wbridge did not succeed against the newly-aggressive Micro Bridge, which had switched from last year's four-card major system to five-card majors. So as in Toronto, Canada, five years ago, Jack faced Micro Bridge in the 64-board final. Jack had won easily enough in 2001, but in Verona he dominated Micro Bridge completely, winning 217 IMPs to 54.

ACBL Bulletin Sunday July 18, 2004

Jack Wins Computer Title

Jack (the Netherlands) retained its title of world computer bridge champion, defeating last year’s finalist, Bridge Baron (USA), 157-97 in the 64- board final. Hans Kuijf’s robot Jack, winner of the last four annual championships, is on top of the computer bridge world.


At the world computer bridge championships in New York City, the Dutch program Jack once again defended his title successfully. After winning in Toronto (2001), Montreal (2002) and Menton (2003), Jack was crowned world champion for the fourth time. There can be no doubt that the brainchild of Hans Kuijf is the strongest computer bridge player in the world.

The 'Jack Team' consists of Hans Kuijf, Wim Heemskerk, Martin Pattenier and former Bermuda Bowl-winner Berry Westra. After Jack won last year, they worked very hard to improve Jack even further, making the most progress in the bidding. That turned out to be necessary, as rival programs improved also. Almost all the programs use simulations and try to plan ahead. However, this championship proved that Jack still has an edge over its competitors. Defense is undoubtedly the weakest point of Jack's game. If he can improve on that he will be very hard to beat in the coming years. More information about Jack can be found at the website

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