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ZOOM Broken Sword II:
The Smoking Mirror
$9.95 (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail Box) (BROKENS2PR)
On any other system you can use ScummVM to run this.

Revolution / Virgin


ESRB rating: Teen (Ages 13+) - Animated blood,
animated violence, and mild language


A from Just Adventure

4/5 from The Adventure Collective

A Human Sacrifice Awakens the Mayan God of Death

Plunge into a shadowy conspiracy world where the schemes of a mad drug kingpin and the prophesied return of an ancient Mayan god clash in what could be the end for all mankind. Race around the globe with George as he frantically attempts to free Nico, his investigative reporter girlfriend, from the clutches of Karzac's crime cartel. Guide Nico and George as they unravel the dark mysteries that lead them closer and closer to an ancient horror best left buried in the steamy jungles of Central America. Gather clues and make friends, but beware - a smiling face can hide a deadly obstacle in your quest to stop the return of "he who devours the sun and consumes the flesh of all mankind," the mighty Mayan God, Tezcatlipoca.

Battle against the evils of a criminal mastermind, solve enigmatic puzzles and stop a murderous Mayan God of Death from destroying the world in a masterfully crafted adventure featuring relentless action and alternating viewpoints between George and Nico at cliffhanger moments.

Immersive 3-D graphics and stylized animation combine to create a beautifully rendered environment as well as a truly cinematic feel.

Explore the seedy underbelly of the world's most exotic ports of call, in this adventure steeped in historic fact.

With three hours of original music and over 300 musical cues, this dynamic soundtrack swells and crescendos to heighten the drama of every move you make.

From the Makers of Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword...

Intrepid adventurers George and Nico are embroiled in yet another mysterious escapade of brutality, calamity and immortality in this, the sequel to the highly successful Broken Sword. Evil spells and brutal reprisals haunt them as they face their most sinister challenge to date.

As the threatening darkness of the eclipse smothers all, the discovery of a sinister drugs ring by chance reveals an arcane power of an ancient civilisation. Torment and terror, sacrificial rituals and bloody massacre is unearthed beneath a veil of Mayan mystery.

Kidnap, stolen treasure, astronomy and deadly drug barons are the least of the daredevil duo's worries, as divine forces threaten to annihilate mankind.

Nerve, cunning and guile are essentials in order to conquer this compelling adventure, guaranteed to leave you with an aching brain and a beating heart.

Over 60 characters to interact with and over 60 useable items

A multitude of highly detailed locations to explore and investigate

Hundreds and hundreds of mind-bending puzzles and clues to collect

Beautiful classically animated sequences and stunning super-VGA graphics

260 sound effects and over 2 hours of original music from Britain's premier composer, Barrington Pheloung

2 CDs and over 60 hours of challenging gameplay


IBM PC or 100% compatible with Pentium processor, Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 16MB of RAM, 66MB free hard drive space minimum (280MB recommended), dual speed CD-ROM drive (quad speed recommended), Windows 95 DirectDraw compatible video card (1MB RAM), Windows Direct Sound compatible sound card. 100% Microsoft compatible mouse.

Tested OK on Windows XP. May require Windows compatibility mode.


Just Adventure, by Jenny Guenther

"...The designers of the game seemed to have taken bare-bone historical facts and written a credible, magical story around them,... However, on the whole, the story is extremely strong and well thought-out, so I give it an A+."

"This is a cartoon-style game. It has easily the most well-drawn and detailed backgrounds of any game I have ever played. (The same can be said of Broken Sword I.) The artist(s) really took a lot of time and care in drawing the scenes, and it pays off in the beauty of the game. The backgrounds rival Michael Hague's illustrations for The Wind in the Willows, a book I'm sure many of you enjoyed as a child, and are in the same style. The cut scenes are very high-quality, too. There is no jerkiness and no pixelation, even in the fast-action parts."

"The gameplay is very tedious. It involves a lot of pixel-hunting and way too much conversation that doesn't move the story or game along... Most of the puzzles, besides the conversing ones, are inventory-based, and there are a couple of "traditional" puzzles in the end game that require manipulating objects on the screen.

"I would recommend it for the good story line and the beautiful graphics..."

The Adventure Collective

"In this second installment of the Broken Sword series, Revolution Software has taken the formula of success from the first game Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars [Broken Sword I] one step farther. Shifting from a focus on the legend of the Knights Templars, the new story now revolves around the equally intriguing culture of the Mayan civilization in Central America. With superior graphics and a fair dose of original puzzles, Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror or Broken Sword II proves to be a worthy sequel."

"One of the greatest achievements of the maker in this game is certainly the very intuitive game interface. The less experienced adventurer will find the way in this game very easily. Equally stunning, but not surprising if you are already familiar with Broken Sword I, are the graphics. Each game screen is drawn very meticulously, with an eye for details, using an overwhelming amount of well chosen colors. The dialog is good and funny. It also fulfills the function in giving you clues on what to do next. The background music and sound effects greatly add to the general atmosphere of the game. The cast of characters is also well developed with some great typecasting such as the evil General Grasiento and his domineering mother. You will meet a variety of people which will all tell you something interesting from their points of view or about their cultures. You will meet some friends from Broken Sword I. My personal favorites are Duane, the misguided tourist, and Rico, the fisher boy."

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