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ZOOM Norman Rockwell Screensaver
Discontinued (Win95/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (ROCKWELLDR)

Cinegram Media Inc (No longer in business)

Screen Saver

Unfortunately, this product does not work correctly so we no longer sell it.

The Norman Rockwell Screensaver is part of a series of Digital Treasures designed to bring the work of exceptional artists and photographers to the computer realm. Featuring 30 of Rockwell's great illustrations, the images display the artist's unique perception of people doing ordinary things in delightful, thought-provoking, often humorous situations. Accompanied by a variety of features, such as the ability to select and change the on-screen presentation, and an information printout capability, the Rockwell Screensaver will be a treasured computer companion.

Easy to install

30 famous Rockwell paintings

Random image sequencing

Interesting Rockwell quotations

Printable information

  • about Rockwell section
  • index of paintings
  • details about paintings

Setup and control panel (this is what does not work - see above)

  • choice of selections
  • time on screen
  • show with/without titles
  • preview images
  • transition effects
  • transition time

Learn more about the artist.


Windows: IBM compatible with 486/66 processor or higher, 8MB of RAM (16MB recommended), 6MB of hard-disk space available, Windows 3.1 or higher, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color display (thousands of colors recommended), 2 MB of RAM on video card.

Macintosh: Apple Macintosh with 68040 processor or higher, 8MB required, 5MB of free RAM for application, 6MB of hard disk available, System 7.1 or later, double speed CD-ROM drive, 256 color display (thousands of colors recommended), 2MB of RAM on video card.

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