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ZOOM Math Advantage Middle School
6th, 7th & 8th Grades
Sold Out (Win95/98/3.1/Mac) (Retail) (MATHADVODR)

For new version see: Math Advantage 2000 Middle School

Aces Research / Encore Software

Children / Mathematics

Grades: 6, 7 and 8

4 Steps to Math Success

1. Discover
Learn faster and retain more with self-paced, step-by-step instruction featuring music, graphics, and voice-over explanations.

2. Master
Gain an intuitive grasp of math relationships by seeing equations of your choosing graphed right before your eyes.

3. Reinforce
Strengthen your understanding of math concepts by applying new skills to a virtually limitless number of real-life problems.

4. Enjoy
Have fun and get motivated to learn more math as you bring the mystery puzzle to life.

Curriculum Summary for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Intro to Geometry
  • Geometry
  • Intro to Trig
  • Intro to Probability & Statistics
  • Money Management
  • Mental Math Tricks

A Rich, Learning Environment That Produces Real Results

Designed by math scholars as a personal tutor, Math Advantage Middle School incorporates the highly effective teaching techniques used in the very best classrooms. Students will develop, master, and reinforce critical math concepts faster...immediately improving grades and personal confidence

Proven Teaching Methods:

  • Lecture
  • Example
  • Practice
  • Test
  • Reward


  • Select Subjects
  • Fast Forward
  • Rewind & Repeat
  • Easy to Follow Lectures
  • "Step-by-step" Examples

Unlimited Questions:
Virtually unlimited real-life problems & solutions for better understanding of concepts.

Progress Reports:
Tracks individual progress and shows important results.

Fun Puzzles & Games:
Exciting and motivational tools for faster learning.

Further build and strengthen math skills even when you're away from the computer with this indispensable, 250 problem companion reference workbook.

The Complete Coursework Covers 3 Years of Math

1. Mathematics & Numbers
2. Introduction to Algebra
3. Fractions
4. Decimal Fractions
5. Percent
6. Ratio and Proportion
7. Measurement and Scaling
8. Patterns and Number Series
9. Real Numbers
1. Introduction to Area
2. Introduction to Volume
3. Introduction to Geometry
4. Introduction to Trigonometry
5. Interests
6. Advanced Mental Math Practices
7. Advanced Measurement and Scaling
1. Fundamental Algebra
2. Fundamental Geometry
3. Fundamental Trigonometry
4, Area
5. Volume
6. Probability and Statistics
7. Money Management
8. Banking
9. Investments

The Proven Teaching Method for Math Success!

1. Welcome - Virtual Study Room
Enter an exciting multi-media world for personal math instruction.

2. Sign In Please
Keep track of quiz scores and game rewards for up to 10 people.

3. Learn the Math - Lecture Panel
a. Decide which subjects to cover today.
b. True multimedia lessons let you see and hear the coursework.
c. Study the material at your own pace. Learn from examples and practices.

4. Work in the Lab
Understand key math concepts better by changing variables in any equation and seeing them graphed right before your eyes.

5. Test Your Skills
Test your knowledge in a practice format or graded quiz. You choose which topics to cover.

6. See Great Results - Performance Screen
Instantly see how you've done on quizzes and where you've excelled.

7. Review Progress
Select and review problems from the previous quiz. Correct answers are given alongside your original response.

8. Build Confidence - Progress Reports
Watch your quiz scores and math skills improve chapter by chapter.

9. Play the Game - Motivational Game
Good grades win you access to the exciting mystery puzzle and game.


Windows 95/3.1: 486DX2-33 or faster multimedia PC with 8MB of RAM, 3MB available hard disk space, SVGA graphics (256 colors / 640x480 screen resolution), 100% SoundBlaster compatible sound card, MS-DOS version 5.0 or later, Microsoft Windows version 3.1 and Windows 95 and double speed CD-ROM drive and mouse.

Macintosh: color Macintosh (68040 or better), System 7.0.1 or higher, 8MB free RAM (12MB free recommended), double speed CD-ROM drive, mouse, 3MB available hard disk space and 640x480 screen resolution.

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