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ZOOM The Groove Thing
Sold Out (Win/Mac) (Jewel Case) (GROOVEDR)

Big Top Productions

Screen Saver/Graphics


3 stars from Electronic Entertainment

A Visual Jam

You control the stereo input, 27 base soundtracks, 180 sound effect keys, 9 kaleidoscopic visions, 6 symmetry levels, limitless color sampling, hundreds of line weights, and tile size variation.

The Groove Thing. Some call it hypnotic, some call it a cerebral overhaul, some call it 50,000 volts of immediate gratification, and some dare whisper anarchy. Ride a visual roller coaster with an infinite drop through nirvana. It's okay to stare, just don't let your tongue hit the keyboard.

Requirements: Windows 3.1 or higher, 486/33 MHZ, 4MB RAM, 8.5MB min hard disk space, 640x480 or higher, 256 colors, Sound Blaster or compatible sound card.

Requirements: Macintosh 7.0 or higher, 4MB RAM, 7.5 requires 5MB RAM, 6MB hard disk space, 256 color monitor.


Electronic Entertainment, June 1995

"Make your monitor explode with crazy colors gyrating on a bed of freeform shapes that dance to the beat of the music. Big Top's The Groove Thing gives new meaning to the word kaleidoscope. It offers interactivity for its own sake - the only limitation is your imagination. You can control the patterns and choose from a generous color palette. It can either use the built-in rhythms or pipe in your own music. The Groove Thing brings the visual wildness of psychedelics to the safety of your desktop. Enjoy the ride."

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