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Publisher Info: Knowledge Adventure, Inc.

4100 W. 190th Street, Torrance, CA 90504

(818) 246-4400, FAX (818) 246-0930

Toll-Free Technical Support: 1-800-556-6141

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JumpStart Learning System

JumpStart programs are organized by school year and track learning with a printable Progress Report. Difficulty levels automatically adjust or can be customized while playing many of the activities. Award-winning and kid-proven the interactive curriculum is a sure-fire way to learn and practice skills.

Jump Start Toddlers - Ages 18 months to 3 years
Computer Letters and Numbers Music
Mouse Skills Vocabulary
Jump Start Preschool - Ages 2 to 4
Comprehension Computer Mouse Skills Vocabulary
Phonics & Letter Sounds Letters and Numbers Music
Jump Start Pre-K - Ages 3 to 5
Letter Order Decision Making Counting
Quantities Social Roles Vocabulary
Problem Solving Phonics & Letter Sounds Music
Jump Start Kindergarten - Ages 4 to 6
Letter Combinations Counting & Quantities Listening Skills
Reading & Sentences Art & Creativitiy Vocabulary
Similarities & Differences Time Concepts Music
Sequencing & Ordering Comprehension
Jump Start 1st Grade - Ages 5 to 7
Spelling Geography Art & Creativity
Literature Vocabulary Sequencing & Ordering
Early Math Music Comprehension
Science Reading & Sentences Phonics & Letter Sounds
Jump Start 2nd Grade - Ages 6 to 8
Basic Grammar Vocabulary Art & Creativity
Higher Math Writing Sequencing & Ordering
Social Studies Spelling Comprehension
Science Literature Phonics Review
Geography Reading & Sentences
Jump Start Adventures 3rd Grade Mystery Mountain - Ages 7 to 9
History Sentence Structure Art Styles
Earth Science Division Musical Socres
Life Science Column Multiplication Logic
Geography Addition Astronomy
Spelling Subtraction Physical Science
Grammar Units of Measurement
Jump Start Adventures 4th Grade Haunted Island - Ages 8 to 10
History Grammar Subtraction
Famous People Story Creation Decimals
Earth Science Equations Fractions
Natural Science Division with Remainders Units of Measurement
Geography Multiplication Art History
Parts of Speech Addition Musical Clefs
JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade Jo Hammet: Kid Detective - Ages 9 to 11
U.S. History Compound Words Equations
Logic Prepositions Long Division
Problem Solving Pronouns Multiplication
Deductive Reasoning Verb Tenses Geometry
Map Reading Prefixes & suffixes Ratios
Earth Science Fractions Physical Science
Geography Decimals Art History
JumpStart Adventures 6th Grade - Ages 10 to 12
Decimals & Percentages Ancient History Geometry
Metaphors & Analogies Musical & Visual Arts Estimation
Environmental Science Spelling & Grammar Geography
Biology & Life Science Equations Literature & Poetry

JumpStart Subject Mastery

JumpStart subject-based products build upon the full-grade learning taught in the JumpStart Learning System. Each JumpStart Subject teaches a critical curricular skill with unparalleled depth, leading your child to grade-based subject mastery. The Progress Report helps you monitor your child's progress, while the Adaptive Learning Technology automatically tracks your child's ability, ensuring maximum fulfillment and success. Only JumpStart products offer such award-winning innovation, variety and effectiveness.

Learning Games

JumpStart ABC's
JumpStart Music
JumpStart Numbers
JumpStart Phonics
JumpStart Spelling

Play Zone! titles

Play Zone! games provide the fun and excitement that kids love, without the needless violence of many "adult" games. Designed with plenty of parent and kid feedback, each Play Zone! game delivers a fun-filled experience that your kids will love to play again and again.

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