Slackware The Official Linux Slackware
Slackware 1996 (Released: August 1996)
(Jewel Case) (SLACKOLDPJ)

Walnut Creek CDROM


4 disc set + 36 page installation guide.

Official Slackware Linux turns your machine into a powerful 32-bit multi-tasking workstation. Linux is a Unix clone, developed by Linus Torvalds and thousands of volunteers on the Internet.

Develop programs with a full range of software development, text editing, and image processing tools. Play popular games. Connect your machine to the Internet and set up a WWW site, use electronic mail, and read USENET newsgroups.

Patrick Volkerding, the maintainer of Slackware, authored this 4-disc CDROM set. The first CDROM contains the easy to install Linux system (kernel 2.0), full source code and a live Linux file system. The second CDROM contains Linux archives and a fully installed, ready-to-run Linux system. Just pop the disc into any bootable CDROM drive and you can test-drive Linux on your machine (including the X Windows System) in seconds. The third and fourth CDROMs contain software carefully selected from the best software from Internet Linux archive sites.

Official Slackware Linux requires 8 MB of memory and 12 MB of hard disk (for a CDROM dependent installation), and a 3.5" floppy disk or bootable CDROM drive. For better performance, install Slackware Linux to your hard disk using 40 to 400MB. A basic installation with C/C++, development tools, networking, the X Window System (v 3.3.2), and several applications uses 180 MB. For a full installation, a 500MB (or larger) partition is recommended.

A full installation includes teTeX TeX, GNU C/C++/Objective-C/Fortran-77 (v.2.7.2), Tcl (v.7.5), Tk(v.4.1), TclX (v.7.5.0), make, byacc and GNU bison, flex, the 5.3.12 C libraries(and a version of the experimental glibc libraries), gdb, GNU Common LIPS (v.2.2), p2c (Pascal to C), m4, perl (v.5.003), rcs, emacs (v.19.31), TCP/IP networking, SLIP/PPP, IP accounting and firewalls, Java SDK, BSD sendmail (v.8.7.5), cnews, nn, tin, trn, fvwm95-2, XF86Setup, ghostscript, xv (v.3.10), GNU chess, the Apache HTTP (www) server, and the Arena and Lynx Web browsers.

Official Slackware Linux is compatible with most PC hardware & supports most CDROM drives, sound cards, ethernet adapters, and mice. The advanced 2.0 kernel will provide stellar performace on high-end systems, including support for symmetric multi-processing (up to 16 processors), PCI, and special code optimizations for the 386, 486, Pentium, and Pentium Pro, and Pentium II.

Join the hundreds of thousands of other Slackware users around the world who have found a better way to compute.

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