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ZOOM Outcast
Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (OUTCASTPR)
NOTE: All remaining boxes have a few darker black markings in the dark area at the top portion of the front of the box.

Publisher: Infogrames

ESRB Rating: Teen - Animated blood and violence, and strong language


92% from GameOver Game Reviews

90% from PC Gamer

A and A+ from Just Adventure

The Earth's Future Is in Your Hands

In the year 2007, the US government successfully deploys a probe designed to prove the existence of a parallel universe. Minutes into the mission, an intelligent alien life form damages the probe. On Earth, an unforeseen backlash of energy creates a black hole which threatens the very existence of the planet.

You are Cutter Slade, a US Navy S.E.A.L. Commander, charged with the safety of the three scientists who have been chosen to travel to this new world, Adelpha. Your mission: confront the dangers of a mysterious and hostile world in order to recover the probe and close the back hole.

6 vast and diverse continents, inhabited by thousands of living creatures, both friend and foe.

Total freedom of movement: you can climb, crawl, swim, talk, ride, fight, etc.

Gadgets & Weapons: flame-thrower, tripwire, explosives, X-ray glasses, invisibility, tracer gun, dart gun, perforator gun and the crowd dispersing boomer gun... and a lot more to discover.

Ground-breading artificial intelligence: interact with characters and creatures who behave with unprecedented levels of realism.

1st and 3rd person camera perspectives which dynamically reacts intuitively to every situation you encounter.

Original musical score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: 200 MHz Pentium MMX IBM PC computer or 100% compatible (300 MHz PII recommended), at least 600 MB of free space on the hard drive, 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), sound card compatible with Windows, video card with 2 MB of memory (4 MB recommended), 4-axis joystick recommended.

Tested OK on Windows XP.


GameOver Game Reviews, July 1999

"Outcast is an excellent mix of action and adventure, boasting an excellent combat and movement system and great replay value. The game should keep you entertained for many hours straight until you have finally completed it, and the wonderful music plus speech immerses you into the world as you wonder what event your next action will trigger. The voxels are used to their full potential, displaying some beautiful (and some dull) outdoor environments, making the whole world look far more alive than polygons could ever be capable of doing. There are flaws, but I just cannot think of any right now. The only person to whom I would not recommend buying this are those who have a 'thing' against voxels, and those who despise action or adventure games."

PC Gamer, September 1999

"...The skill of the game's writing is that each conversation holds forth new clues. Gamers accustomed to lighter fare might be overwhelmed by all the missions and information thrown haphazardly into their laps from the get-go, but after a few hours of play things become much clearer, especially when you focus on just one or two tasks at a time.

"But finding out what to do and when is just part of the challenge; finding a way to carry out the job effectively is a whole other story. Success in combat depends on a delicate balance of stealth and firepower - which means short-sighted players who grab their gun for a killing spree are in for a disappointment. But Outcast more than makes up for its lack of run-and-gun mayhem with a host of tactical twists that'll have action fans grinning from ear to ear. Mobile transporters take you from one strategic spot to another, holograms trot along happily and entice enemies, invisibility devices let you roam unnoticed among hostile forces, and X-Ray binoculars allow you to peer 'inside' buildings, to name just a few of the gimmicks brought to bear.

"Sweetening the deal are the amazing voxel-based graphics, which feature character and terrain visuals that are at least on par with any 3D-accelerated graphics I've yet seen (check out the sky, ground, and especially the water graphics), plus a Middle East-hued musical score that would do any movie proud.

"Outcast isn't for the impatient - my rough estimate is that an average gamer could easily spend 40 to 50 hours here, and that's an optimistic prognostication. But if you're looking to settle down with a rich, rewarding adventure game that always challenges but never frustrates, this is it. Kudos to Appeal for making a game that's long on gameplay and refreshingly short on hype."

JustAdventure, by Randy Sluganski and Ray Ivey

Randy: "Outcast is part of that new breed of action/adventure games, and I will immediately and wholeheartedly recommend it for any adventure gamer. Infogrames has taken into consideration that probably more people do not have a 3D video card than do have one and thus the developers have used voxels to create a beautiful world that looks as good on a low-end system as it does on a monster machine. The graphics can be stunning, especially to traditional point-and-click adventure gamers who are accustomed to limited maneuvering in a 2D world. Character animation has been further enhanced by motion capture, and backgrounds benefit from beautiful lighting effects. Infogrames had promised that the amount of action or adventure in the game would be variable according to the player's preferences, and they have kept their word. There do exist situations where you decide to burst in like Rambo or use your gray cells like Hercule Poirot. The plot depends a great deal on character interaction and development that will allow you to build a reputation among the natives. Your ability to decide on the best course of action shapes what puzzles you may encounter and the reactions you will experience from other game characters. One of the fascinating aspects of Outcast is that as you learn the language, you can then eavesdrop and understand previously foreign conversations. Yes, there are situations where you must use force, but for the most part stealth and cunning will emphasize the adventure aspects of Outcast."

Randy: "In retrospect, Outcast has the potential to be the Star Wars of computer gaming (heck, the credits at the end of the manual are at least as long as many movies!). The stage has been set; the universe well-defined. Kudos to Appeal for infusing their game with such intricate details and memorable scenery. If Infogrames's marketing department is astute enough to release some Cutter Slade action figures, comic books, etc., there would be a built-in fan base who would clamor for a sequel. They have already released a hilarious television commercial in France that would be a hug hit if it were translated for an English-speaking audience. It would be a shame to let such a lush, rich gaming experience wither and fade away into the setting sun of Adelphia." Final grade for Outcast: A.

Ray: "Let me admit to two things right up front, Intrepid Reader. First, I am an action moron. I have learned that I have absolutely no interest in shooting, combat, weapons, etc. Those aspects of a games simply do not interest me. Therefore, please keep in mind that this is the review of an adventure player, not an action player. Second, I've lost any sense of objectivity with this game. I just loved it. ... The voice acting in the game is simply superb. The various characters, even when they look maddeningly alike (and after all, wouldn't they?), each have distinct and interesting personalities. ... The music is simply incredible, dramatic and varied, and as performed by the Moscow Orchestra adds yet another classy element to the proceedings. ... Is Outcast for every adventure player? Sadly, no. The tricky interface and action elements will be a turnoff to some players. But if, like me, you're an adventure purist who likes to find out how far a game can really take you, I challenge you to dive into Outcast. How intense an experience was this game? Well, let's just say that it's now over a week since I've finished it and I find myself wondering how all of my Talan friends are doing ... " Final Grade: A+

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