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ZOOM Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP) (Retail) (NIGHTLNGPR)

Trecision / Team 17 / Dreamcatcher


Suitable for ages 11 and above



The Truth Must Prevail. Will You?

The year is 2099: the Governor of Union city has become the target of a series of terrorist attacks. Summoned by him to honor an old debt, you must embark on an epic graphic adventure to infiltrate this subversive organization and sabotage their operations. Now, prepare yourself for a journey of espionage and murder as Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy places you in the heart of a web of intrigue where betrayal and deception are your only companions.

Become Private Investigator Joshua Reev and interact with a variety of characters on your quest as you attempt to track down the terrorist organization.

Discover five huge and detailed levels, including: Union Square, Rotmall Station, Underground Zoo, Virtual Fun Fair and Rocas Perdida Prison.

Use your detective skills to locate and explore over 80 locations complete with interactive pick-ups and fully-animated backgrounds.

Test your analytical mind by collecting and utilizing objects to solve a variety of simple and complex tasks.

Immerse yourself in the unfolding plot and progress through over 40 hours of gameplay.

Features more than 60 minutes of plot-driven Full Motion Video sequences supported by subtitles and over 30 minutes of speech.


Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Pentium 100 (P133 recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive, 36 MB hard drive space, DirectX compatible sound card, Super VGA graphics board with 1 MB video RAM, Windows 95/98 compatible mouse.


Game Industry News by Royce Brainard

"Don't remember McGuiver? The guy that could break out of any situation with the mere everyday items around him? You might want to check into some of the cable rerun networks to find out just how fantastic this guy was. However, if you like to solve problems, and enjoy a good graphic adventure, perhaps Nightlong, Union City Conspiracy is for you!"

"The game has an excellent engine that runs smoothly and transitions quickly from one scene to the next. The graphics are of high quality and provide a vivid backdrop for this absorbing graphical adventure. The interface is quite intuitive...The rest is for you to discover while solving the mysteries of Nightlong, Union City Conspiracy! But this game is a worthwhile addition to any would be sleuth's game collection."

Mr. Bill's Game Reviews

"For those of you who would love a great secret agent yarn, with a hero who looks the part, acts like a Private Eye, and talks like Bogart, this is an excellent one. Set in the year 2099, you play Joshua Reev who comes out of retirement to help an old friend, the Governor of Union City, who has become the target of a series of terrorist attacks. But, in order to solve the mystery and bring them to justice, you must first locate and then infiltrate the subversive organization while unraveling an ever-growing web of deceit and intrigue as you go.

"We were very impressed with many things about this game. It has a tight, well-thought-out storyline, challenging puzzles that are apropos to the environment and story, and an attention to realistic detail in the animation and graphics that we rarely see so well done (for example, seeing the shadows of people moving behind the lighted windows of a distant building, or watching the hero realistically look at and then pick up one glove at a time). Nightlong is a third-person, point-and-click adventure where you will spend almost as much time enjoying the various detailed environments as you do in playing out the story. For mystery fans, this is one you certainly won't want to miss!"

Quandary Computer Game Reviews by Gordon Aplin (October 1998)

"Imagine my surprise and pure delight when I started playing and found myself immersed in a most enjoyable adventure game in the great tradition of inventory-based adventures. Sure, it has a futuristic setting, and it is gritty at times, but it doesn't have that 'mean' adolescent posturing that, in my opinion, has marred many similar scenarios. More importantly, the gameplay never wavers from adventure mode and provides loads of in-context obstacles to progress that can only be overcome through diligent searching, thinking about what you are trying to accomplish and then using the correct item. Just the way I like it."

"One of the things I most appreciated about Nightlong is the fact that the designers didn't take their creation too seriously. Whilst it is not an overtly humorous game it does have a sense of playfulness about it. I certainly had fun playing it and even had a chuckle or two at various times. The cut sequence of Joshua drawing his gun in the Zoo is a quite brilliant send up of numerous action movie scenes."

"Nightlong is an entertaining and well-paced adventure with puzzles ranging from easy to fairly challenging towards the end of the game when the complexity picks up a bit. At one point here I found myself staring for an inordinate amount of time at a couple of my hastily sketched diagrams trying to find an answer to a problem before the 'light' finally dawned. Another puzzle has a math 'twist' to it, but all it really requires is a process of elimination."

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