Jammin' Keys

Jammin' Keys - Voyetra - Jewel Case - Win95/Win3.1 - $14.95

Voyetra Technologies


Create Songs with Your Multimedia PC - Regardless of Your Musical Skills

Create original MIDI music easily and automatically.

Choose from a wide variety of styles including Rock, Jazz, Latin and more.

Choose your lead from 128 General MIDI instruments; a virtual five-part band adds exciting backups and riffs.

Compose your music by clicking the "Jam Grid," the on-screen music keyboard, or use an external keyboard.

Add professional-sounding fills and endings.

Includes more than 35 sound effects files to use with the drum pads.

Use the mixer to adjust instrument levels as the song plays.

Record your song as a MIDI file and load it into Recording Station or a MIDI sequencer to edit or add more parts.

Also Iincludes value-packed extras to help get you started - such as a video tutorial and MediaCheck diagnostic utility.

Requirements: 486DX2/66 or faster, 8 MB RAM, 1 MB hard disk space, VGA card and monitor with 256 colors, 2x or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card with 16 bit audio and MIDI synthesizer, 15 pin joystick connector and PC MIDI interface cable required for controlling Jammin' Keys with an external MIDI keyboard, Windows 3.1 or 95, mouse or other pointing device.

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