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ZOOM Fun N' Games Blockbuster's Edition
$4.95 (Win/DOS) (Jewel Case) (FUNNGAMEPJ)

Fun N' Games Inc.


Only the finest software

Includes F-18: No Fly Zone, Box World, Mah Johng, Quatra Command and 46 more!

We've picked the best. You'll be playing the same Windows games the reviewers love and fanatic gamers are talking about. Fun N' Games has specially selected them for their richness, state of the art sound and graphics, and spectacular effects.

More Kinds of Games

We knew you'd never be satisfied with the same old thing. So this Fun N' Games special edition is packed with variety - from cosmic adventures to classic challenges and everything in between with all levels of action for players of every kind. Play alone or invite a friend to play along. You've got your hands on the world's best entertainment value.

The Games on This Disc are Shareware

Shareware is a unique way to distribute and market software. It allows you to try software before you buy it. The shareware games on this disc are software you can really use and enjoy as you try them out. If you plan to continue using it you are obliged to pay the author a registration fee, usually for less than you'd pay for a comparable commercial program. Registration may also entitle you to manuals, updates, special features, and additional game programming. In other words, you get the best of everything for less than you'd pay elsewhere - great programs you can try for free and great prices for all the ones you want to keep.

Requirements: MS/PC-DOS 3.3 or higher, Microsoft Windows 3.1, IBM or Compatible, 386/33 MHz or higher, CD-ROM Drive, VGA Monitor, 560 KB free base memory, 4 MB RAM, Joystick, Mouse or Keyboard, SoundBlaster compatible sound card Hard Drive.

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