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World History

ABC NewsLinks - Creative Wonders - $19.95

Linking current events to historical context.

Ancient Civilizations - Topics - $19.95

Contains: Egypt: Voyage to the Land of the Pharaohs, Exploring Ancient Cities, Discovering Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Civilizations by Tom Till.

Chronicle Encyclopedia of History - DK Multimedia - $14.95

An ultimate interactive window on the past - four million years of history as it happened.

Compton's Battles of the World - Softkey - $14.95

Ten of the world's pivotal battles come to life through video, historic footage, strategic demonstrations, stunning photography, 3D animation, colorful maps, and even period music.

CNN Newsroom Global View - Softkey - $4.95

World atlas on CD-ROM with video, maps, charts, facts & worldclock.

Discovering Egypt - Topics - $19.95

Contains: Mysterious Egypt: The Age of the Pharaohs, Mysterious Egypt: Wonder of Past and Present, and Voyage in Egypt.

Encyclopedia of 20th Century Murder - Zane Publishing - $14.95

1100+ cases w/ Korish, Bundy, Dahmer.

Encyclopedia of Assassination - Zane Publishing - $8.95

780 cases w/ Caesar, Lincoln, M.L. King.

Exploring Ancient Architecture - Medio Multimedia - $14.95

Venture on a narrated tour through buildings of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and the late Stone Age - guided by a professor of architecture through meticulously re-created architectural marvels of ancient civilizations

The Face of LIFE - CMC - $8.95

From 1936 to 1972, the weekly LIFE captured and chronicled the images and events that shaped our world. Now you can relive those moments.

Great Generals of the 20th Century - FlagTower - $12.95/$14.95

Join the century's great generals on a journey through the great battlefields.

Greatest Moments of Our Time - E.M.M.E. - $19.95

A near-encyclopedic sweep of the 20th century.

History of Medicine - FlagTower - $19.95

The interactive experience that lets you examine medical history in fascinating detail.

History of the World - Bureau of Electronic Publishing - $14.95

Early DOS product with lots of text documents.

Ideas That Changed the World - I.C.E. - $14.95

Examine the most powerful ideas in history from primitive beginnings to the present.

Klondike Gold Prospector's Kit - DNA Multimedia - $19.95

Relive the fabulous days of the Gold Rush. Then, pan for gold on your own!!

Multimedia World History - Bureau of Electronic Publishing - $14.95

Take the mystery out of history!

Navegar - Oda Edition - $28.95

Portuguese Discoveries from the 15th to the 17th Century.

Titanic: Challenge of Discovery - Maris - $9.95/$14.95

A dramatic simulation of Robert D. Ballard's three great deep-sea expeditions.

Up to the Himalayas: Kingdoms in the Clouds - dna Multimedia - $9.95/$14.95

Explore the cultures, arts, religions and mythologies of the highest place in the world.

Virtual Pompeii - SACIS - $24.95

The splelndor of the ancient Roman world waits to unveil its secrets.

Webster's New World Family Discovery Library II - Macmillan - $27.95

Discover the amazing worlds of History, Astronomy, Technology, Perception, and Human Biology

World War I - FlagTower - $12.95/$14.95

Get ready for a remarkable "televisual" journey through World War I.

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