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Health & Medicine

AMA Family Medical Guide - DK Multimedia - $9.95

Based on the newly revised book, the American Medical Association Family Medical Guide CD-ROM brings this best-selling family medical reference into the 90's.

Biology Science: Cell Biology 2 - Zane Publishing - $14.95

Learn all you want to know about Cells

Biology Science: Genetics - Zane Publishing - $14.95

Learn all you want to know about Genetics

The Body Pack - DK Multimedia - $19.95

Explore your body inside and out with 3D Skeleton, The Ultimate Human Body, and AMA Family Medical Guide.

Body Works 6.0 - The Learning Company - $12.95

Whether you're looking for an in-depth answer to a specific question or want to learn about any area of the human body, BodyWorks is the most informative and educational way to do it.

Dr. Schueler Presents: The Corner Drug Store - Pixel Perfect - $18.95

Your personal pharmacist from the creators of Home Medical Advisor Pro.

Guide to Alternative Medicine - Softkey - $12.95

Join the thousands of people who have explored alternatives to mainstream medicine for both prevention and therapy.

Health Optimizer - Sonoma MultiMedia - $17.95

Contains: Mayo Clinic Family Pharmacist, Mayo Clinic The Total Heart, Mayo Clinic - ESPN Sports, Health & Fitness, and Time-Life Books Medical Encyclopedia.

Herbs for Healthcare - Laser Publishing - $12.95

Herbs for Healthcare introduces the herbal medicine as it is practiced today.

Human Body - Topics - $19.95

Explore the complex workings of the human machine! Journey into the Brain, The Human 3D, Interactive Human Body, Physiology of the Eye, and Encyclopedia Britannnica My Body, Myself.

Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia - Softkey - $14.95

The Complete Home Medical Reference

Pediatric House Call - Applied Medical Informatics - $14.95

Pediatric medical software from birth to age 21.

Physician's Home Assistant - A.D.A.M. - $14.95

Physician's Home Assistant lets you replace concern with knowledge.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - Topics - $9.95

Study the amazing healing effects of Chines holistic medicine.

The Ultimate 3D Skeleton - DK - $14.95/$18.95

Take a 3D virtual tour beneath your skin and examine the wonders of your own skeleton.

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