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Screen Savers

Astrology - KaizenWorks - $14.95

Automatically displays your horoscope each day.

Barbie Screen Styler - Mattel - $12.95

Customize your computer screen with vintage Barbie images and sounds.

Bass Pro Shop Screen Saver - Pondview - $14.95

Stunning full color images, lunar calendar and custom bass pro shop desktop theme.

The Beauty of Horses - Kaizen Works - $14.95

Perpetual calendar, personal organizer and diary, screen saver and more.

Beside Still Waters - Willow Road - $14.95

In this special software edition, Thomas Kinkade brings you 40 of his best-loved images, accompanied by specially selected Scripture from the King James Version of the Bible, to read and appreciate on your computer screen.

Cats & More - Willow Road - $9.95

All of Charles Wysocki's mischievous and loveable cats are brought together in this humorous and unforgettable CD-ROM collection.

Civil War - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver draws on the unparalled Civil War collections of the Library of Congress - including photographs, drawings, maps, manuscripts, books, bradsides, periodicals, popular art, and music - for twenty seven extraordinary images that provide a telling glimpse into a defining episode in US history.

Degas: Ballet & Beyond - Manticore - $14.95

Degas is famous for his impressions of a dancer's natural grace.

Elvis: The Wertheimer Collection Screensaver - Manticore - $14.95

The early days screensaver with photographs and text by Alfred Wertheimer.

Enduring Freedom - Willow Road - $9.95

From the Frontline: Action-packed images of the military machines, aircraft and personnel fighting for freedom in Afghanistan.

Escher - Pomegranate - $14.95

Escher's eerie, astonishing experiments in perspective and perception will add depth and distraction to your desktop.

Gardens of the Impressionists - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver presents twenty-seven outstanding garden portraits by the giants of Impressionism.

Gardens of Serenity - Willow Road - $9.95

40 abundant and beautiful Kinkade gardens enhanced by thoughtful quotations from Scripture, poetry and prose, bring an Eden-like serenity to your computer screen.

Anne Geddes: Unforgettable Collection - Willow Road - $9.95

The Unforgettable Collection is a must-have for everyone and anyone who loves babies.

Ireland - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screensaver treats the viewer to twenty-seven unforgettable images of Ireland's natural treasures.

Lisa Jane's Angels - Willow Road - $9.95

Lisa Jane's exquisite tableaux capture the beauty, innocence and angelic nature of childhood for you to enjoy again and again.

Jeopardy! Screen-A-Day-Calendar - DaySavor - $4.95

366 answers and questions from history's greatest quiz show!

Kliban Cat Screens - Pomegranate - $14.95

B Kliban's acclaimed felines give command performances as they romp and bumble, smirk and grumble through twenty-seven tableaux of catly existence in this hilarious cartoon compilation.

LIFE United We Stand - Willow Road - $9.95

Patriotic screen saver. 40 patriotic images from LIFE Magazine.

Lightposts for Living - Willow Road - $14.95

The art of choosing a joyful life is revealed in Thomas Kinkade's own words and companion Scripture.

Love in Every Room - Willow Road - $9.95

A changing display of Karla Dornacher's heart-warming drawings, many with Scripture, will grace your screen.

Maxfield Parrish - Pomegranate - $14.95

With their shapely sylphs, riotous flora, extraordinary light, and wildly dramatic settings, Parrish's neoclassical fantasies are still among the American artworks we love the best.

Millennium 2000 Countdown Screen Saver- KaizenWorks - $14.95

Displays the days, hours, minutes and seconds to the Year 2000.

Monet's Passion: The Gardens at Giverny - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver has twenty-seven full-color photographs of Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny, by photographer Elizabeth Murray.

My Utmost for His Highest - Willow Road - $14.95

Oswald Chambers' classic text, and more than 50 Kinkade paintings with messages from Scripture, bring spiritual insight to your life through your computer screen.

Norman Rockwell Screensaver - Cinegram Media - $19.95

Features 30 of Rockwell's illustrations, displaying his unique perception of people doing ordinary things in delightful, thought-provoking, often humorous situations.

NWF Editions: The Art of Conservation - Willow Road - $14.95

The National Wildlife Federation brings you 40 remarkable paintings created by nationally acclaimed artists.

Ocean Sanctuary - Willow Road - $9.95

Explore the breathtaking imagery that has made Christian Riece Lassen a household name the world over.

Quilts, Quotes and Country Style - Willow Road - $9.95

Bring the warmth of Country Style into your life with the artwork of gifted artist, expert quilt designer and country crafter Debbie Mumm.

Renoir Masterworks Screensaver - Manticore - $14.95

Some of Renoir's best known masterpieces are gathered in this collection.

Riddle of the Runes - Front Page Publishers - $18.95

The Worlds of TSR. Puzzle and screensaver.

Robert Trent Jones Jr. Classic Golf Screen Saver - Willow Road - $9.95

While at work or home, now your computer can take you where you really want to be - on 18 of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.'s celebrated golf courses from around the world.

Salvador Dali Museum Screensaver - Manticore - $14.95

From melting clocks and fragmented nudes to lurid skulls and enigmatic landscapes.

SereneScreen Aquarium - Prolific - $14.95

Marine Life so vibrant you won't believe your eyes. Indescribable realism!

Space - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver has twenty-seven full-color photographs of deep space from the Hubble Telescope.

Susan Seddon Boulet - Pomegranate - $14.95

The paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet resonate with spiritual energy and speak in the language of the soul.

That's Funny - Day Savor - $9.95

These daily jokes, one-liners and witticisms from the world's funniest people will keep you chuckling 365 days a year.

Thomas Kinkade: Painter of Light - Inspirational Screen Saver - Willow Road - $9.95

40 of his best-loved paintings, coupled with heart-warming text, to light up your computer screen - and your life.

Totally Twisted After Dark Screen Saver - Berkeley - $9.95

The world's #1 selling screen saver gone mad.

Wit & Whimsy! - Willow Road - $9.95

40 of Mary Engelbreit's warm, witty and wise images will add a spark of humor into your day!

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