MkLinux DR 2.1

MkLinuX for Power Macintosh - Pacific HiTech - Jewel Case - Mac - $14.95

Pacific HiTech


A Full-Featured Unix-Like OS for Macintosh

About MkLinux. Linux is a UNIX-like operating system for personal computers. Linux for Power Macintosh development is overseen by Apple Computer, who determined that the best way to port Linux to PowerMacs would be to put it on the Mach microkernel. That's where the Mk part of the name comes from. This CD contains Developer Release 2.1 of MkLinux.

PowerMac/Linux. Also in this set is the monolithic port of Linux to Power Macintosh. This port is primarily the result of work done by Paul Mackerras of Australian National University. It is closer to the bleeding edge of Linux developement (includes a 2.1 kernel), includes more features (floppy, serial, IDE, early sound support) and runs noticeably faster than MkLinux. It requires Open Firmware and supports most PCI Macintoshes and clones.

The MkArchive. Finally, we included the best online collection of MkLinux-ready software, in convenient RPG packages.

Machines: Power Macintosh 61xx, 71xx, 81xx, 72xx, 75xx, 76xx, 82xx, 85xx, 95xx, Power Computing 100 & 120, and other PC clones.

MACH Version: 3.0

Linux Version: 2.0.23

Disk Space: 400 MB required (500 MB recommended)

RAM: 8 MB requried (16 MB recommended)

SCSI: Hard Disk, CDROM, Jaz and (possibly) other removables

Serial: DMA & Modem Control supported

Video: Motherboard video or video card including A/V and HPV card up to millions of colors.

X Window System: X11R6.3

Ethernet: Yes

TCP/IP: Ethernet and PPP only

Appletalk: Ether Talk via netatalk

SLIP/PPP: supported

NFS: supported

HFS: Native filesystem support is provided

NOTE: Multiple screens, floppy and audio support and support for 603-based systems, Powerbooks and most Performas is not available in this release.

Shareware programs require a separate payment to the author if found useful.

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