InfoMac XI

InfoMac XI - Pacific HiTech - Jewel Case - Mac - $24.95

Pacific HiTech


April 1997

Best of Internet - 2 CD set

Since 1992 Pacific HiTech, Inc. has published the official CD-ROM of the Info-Mac archive site. This is the eleventh issue of that series, comprising the greatest collection of Macintosh freeware, shareware and commercial demos anywhere.

Info-Mac XI has it all - productivity tools, graphics, fonts, communications, system software - all the latest and greatest Macintosh applications. With over 1600 programs, more than a Gigabyte of Macintosh software, you're sure to find several items of interest to you. Plus, most software is decompressed and ready-to-run right from the CD.

To find exactly which programs suit your individual needs, each has been catalogued with a full description and other helpful information. Our interface will even show you where a program is on the CD, and copy it to your hard drive for you.

Futhermore, each disc contains a Tool Chest folder containing the twenty most popular Macintosh programs which no Macintosh user should be without.

So make your Mac the best - get Inof-Mac XI today.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Includes these hot titles:

Shareware requires separate payment to the author if found useful.

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