InfoMac X

InfoMac X - Pacific HiTech - Jewel Case - Mac - $24.95

Pacific HiTech


November 1996

Best of Internet - 2 CD set

Welcome to the tenth edition of the official Info-Mac CD-ROM, the greatest collection of Macintosh shareware and freeware programs anywhere. This two CD set contains over 1300 programs, more than a Gigabyte of Macintosh software, appealing to every background and interest.

We have done all the downloading and decompressing of the files, virus checking and program testing for you - saving you hours of download time and megabytes of hard disk space. Just insert the CD and go.

To find exactly which programs suit your individual needs, each has been catalogued with a full description and other helpful information. Our interface will even show you where a program is on the CD, and copy it to your hard drive for you.

Futhermore, each disc contains a Tool Chest folder containing the twenty most popular Macintosh programs which no Macintosh user should be without.

So make your Mac the best - get Inof-Mac X today.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Includes these hot titles:

Shareware requires separate payment to the author if found useful.

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