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Middle School for Macintosh

Astro Algebra - Edmark - $19.95

Ages 12 to 14. Astro Algebra teaches you the concepts and problem-solving skills you need to master algebra basics and build math confidence.

BookWorm Student Library - CIT - $18.95 each

Little Women

Carmen Sandiego Word Detective - Broderbund - $9.95

Ages 8 to 14. In an unspeakable attempt to turn the English language on its ear, Carmen Sandiego has invented the Babble-On Machine.

Explore the Planets - TASA - $39.95

Grades 3-6, 7-12 and college. Experience the solar system as never before. View fascinating landscapes and the violent processes that sculpt them.

Grammar for the Real World - Kaplan - $19.95

Ages 10 and up. Write your own ticket to success in Hollywood.

InventorLabs: Technology - Houghton Mifflin Interactive - $9.95

Ages 10 and up. A compelling, immersive trip into the worlds of three famous inventors; Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and James Watt.

InventorLabs: Transportation - Houghton Mifflin Interactive - $9.95

Ages 10 and up. Enter the world of three great inventors who gave wings - and wheels - to all mankind.

Junior Science: Earth's Natural Resources - Zane - $9.95

Ages 9 and up. Study the importance of air, water, and soil as natural resources.

Junior Science: Introducing Oceanography - Zane - $9.95

Ages 9 to 14. Learn the history of ocean exploration and the evolution of research techniques.

Junior Science: Life Science Patterns - Zane - $9.95

Ages 9 to adult. Do you know how a seed's embryo grows into a plant? Let's study its pattern of growth.

Jr. Space Academy - JC Research - $17.95

Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe. Includes: Astonomy, Space Speculation, The Solar System, and The Universe.

Learn the Art of Magic - Broderbund - $ 31.95

Ages 8 to 12. Amazing magic tricks you can master in minutes.

Middle & High School Math - Topics - $24.95

Grades 7 to 12. Addressing over 200 key topics with step-by-step problem solving and detailed animation sequences, this interactive tutorial suite replicates the one-on-one, teacher-student environment.

Middle & High School Math - Topics - $19.95

Ages 11 to 18. Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry.

Mighty Math: Cosmic Geometry - Edmark - $9.95

Ages 12 to 14. Cosmic Geometry teaches you the concepts and problem-solving skills you need to master geometry and build math confidence!

Next Step: Mars? - QED New Media - $14.95/$24.95

Ages 12+. Based on PBS series Space Age hosted by Patrick Stewart.

Operation Neptune - The Learning Company - $9.95

Ages 9 to 14. Pre-Algebra Math and Problem Solving

The Phenomenal World of Physics - Micro-Intel - $14.95

Ages 10 to 14. With The Phenomenal World of Physics, learn about some of these principles and the scientists who discovered them, through genius or luck.

Rockett's Adventure Maker - Purple Moon - $19.95

Ages 8 to 12. Step inside Rockett's World...and make it your own!

Rockett's Camp Adventures - Purple Moon - $18.95

Ages 9 and up. Meet up with Rockett and friends at a camp getaway packed with fun and adventure.

Rockett's New School - Purple Moon - $9.95/$19.95

Ages 8 to 12. On your first day at Whistling Pines, you'll meet new kids and get in on the buzz in homeroom, the cafeteria, art class, and even in the girls' bathroom.

Rockett's Secret Invitation - Purple Moon - $19.94

Ages 8 to 12. When to tell the truth...When to keep a secret...It's often tough to choose. And each decision changes what happens next.

Rockett's Tricky Decision - Purple Moon - $19.95

Ages 8 to 12. Wow! It's Halloween already. Two cool parties, same night! Where will you wind up?

Secret Paths in the Forest - Purple Moon - $14.95

Ages 8 to 12. You're invited to a girls-only getaway - in the tree house.

Secret Paths to the Sea - Purple Moon - $19.95

Ages 8 to 12. Escape to a secret lighthouse where your friendship adventure begins.

SimTown - Maxis -$14.95

Ages 8-12. Sim City for younger people.

The Starfire Soccer Challenge - Purple Moon - $19.95

Ages 8 to 12. Tryouts for the top girls' soccer team have just been announced.

Swinging Safari Explore and Print - National Geographic - $9.95

Ages 8 to 12. You braved wild animals, unforgiving terrain, and unbearable heat. But did you get the story?

The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals - TASA - $39.95

Grades 3 through 12. You will be amazed by the information rocks contain about our planet.

Writing Tutor - Simon & Schuster - $9.95

A step-by-step system to help you succeed at any writing assignment. Includes Typing Tutor 6.

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