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PRESCHOOL for Macintosh

101 Dalmatians Computer Kit - DMI - $19.95

Mouse pad, diskette case with diskettes and Disney CDROM sampler.

Arthur's Sand Castle Contest - The Learning Company - $19.95

Ages 4 to 7. When Arthur enters a sand castle contest, he’ll need your help to design and build a masterpiece.

Bananas in Pajamas - DK Multimedia - $14.95

Ages 2 to 6. Join B1 and B2 on a wonderful adventure through the fun-filled world of Cuddles Avenue.

Barbie as Repunzel - Mattel - $14.95

Ages 4 and up. Barbie stars as the beautiful princess Rapunzel in an updated version of this classic fairy tale.

The Beginners Bible: Old Testament Favorites - Brighter Child - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. These fun and educational activities impart Bible knowledge while expanding critical thinking skills.

Big Action Garage - Fisher Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Little drivers will have an adventure in overdrive pulling into pit stops and collecting the parts they'll need to save their friend, KC Coupe, from the terrible Tow Truck.

Book of Pooh - Disney - $17.95

Ages 3 to 6. Eeyore has lost his tail and his dear friends are determined to help.

Caillou Birthday Party - The Learning Company - $14.95

Ages 2 to 6. Come along with Caillou for a birthday adventure that's full of surprises. Discover letters, numbers, colors and shapes.

Caillou Magic Playhouse - The Learning Company - $19.95

Ages 2 to 6. Hunt for hidden treasures in Caillou's playhouse.

Captain Kangaroos Life's First Lessons Adventure #1 - Knowledge Adventure - $19.95

Ages 3 to 5. Join the Captain and Treasure House crew for hours of engaging activities, colorful characters and music, and learn the value of helping, caring and taking responsibility.

Captain Kangaroos Life's First Lessons Adventure #2 - Knowledge Adventure - $19.95

Ages 3 to 5. Plan and throw a party for the Treasure House characters - and learn lessons in friendship, taking turns and sharing along the way.

Casper Brainy Book - Knowledge Adventure - $14.95

Ages 4 to 8. Builds your child's reading skills with eerily entertaining activities.

Cheerios Play Time - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. There's so much to do before your breakfast is on the table! Plowing, planting and harvesting, milking cows and baking cheerios at the factory.

Clifford Musical Memory Games - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 4 to 6. Help Clifford and his friends bring music back to Birdwell Island as you practice important skills through engaging activities and thinking challenges.

Curious George Preschool Learning Games - Simon & Schuster - $9.95

Ages 2 to 5. Join Curious George as he plays exciting arcade games! He's hunting down circles, targeting triangles and having the time of his life with patterns, shapes and letters.

Discovery Airport - Fisher-Price - $19.95

Ages 2 to 4. There's so much to do at Discovery Airport! Join your friends Eddie, Sarah Lynn™, Maggie, Sonya Lee™, and Michael™ for a great day of fun and learning.

Dora the Explorer: Backpack Adventure - Infogrames - $14.95

Ages 3 and up. Dora and Boots need to return her books to the Library, and they need your help to get there!

Dora the Explorer: Lost City Adventure - Infogrames - $14.95

Ages 3 and up. Join Dora, Boots and her trusty Map on a journey through exotic locations to the Lost City, a mysterious, hidden place where all lost objects go.

Finding Nemo - Disney - $14.95

Ages 4 and up. Help Nemo become a Super Swimmer in this underwater world of fun.

Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Pirate Ship - Davidson - $14.95

Ages 4 to 8. Young swashbucklers are in for the adventure of their lives as they explore every nautical inch of this galleon awash with wonders.

Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Wild Western Town - Knowledge Adventure - $14.95

Ages 3 to 7. Saddle up for some rootin' tootin' fun.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness - Homongous - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. Dive in to help Freddi Fish and Luther navigate a labyrinth of underwater caves and collect the scattered kelp seeds.

Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries - Humongous Entertainment - $10.95

Ages 3 to 8. Junior Arcade Game. Keep the ocean from draining.

Great Adventures by Fisher Price: Wild Western Town - Davidson - $12.95

Ages 3 to 7. Saddle up for some rootin' tootin' fun.

Happy Birthday, Maisy - Sound Source - $14.95

Ages 3 to 6. Join Maisy, Charley, Eddie, Cyril and Tallulah as they create, play, and explore.

I See SUE ...the T.rex - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Kids will love exploring SUE's world of dinosaur facts and fun.

I Spy Junior - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. I Spy Junior engages kids with clever rhyming picture riddles, hundreds of colorful objects in familiar environments, and challenging games and activities.

I Spy Puppet Playhouse - Scholastic - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. Seven engaging play areas come to life using delightful puppets and props.

JumpStart Preschool Year 2 - Knowledge Adventure - $14.95

Ages 3 to 5. Trucks 'n Things.

Little Bear Preschool Thinking Adventures - Creative Wonders - $9.95

Ages 3 to 5. Bursting with Sendak's trademark charm, Little Bear Preschool welcomes young learners to a delightful learning environment.

Little Bear Toddler Discovery Adventures - Creative Wonders - $9.95

Ages 18 months to 3 years. A fun-filled forest adventure awaits in the warm, imaginative world of Little Bear!

The Little Raven & Friends: The Tricycle Story - Tivola - $19.95

Ages 3 and up. When the Little Raven finds Eddie Bear’s tricycle he can’t resist taking it for a ride…

Mazes - School Zone - $9.95

Ages 4 to 7. Double the learning fun with this engaging combination of CD-ROM and workbook.

Miss Spider's Tea Party - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 3 to 7. Eight games of fun, some learning, too...

More Bugs in Boxes - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 3 to 6. Nine exciting activities bring David A. Carter's popular pop-up book to interactive life.

Mr. Potato Head Activity Pack - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 3 and up. Puzzles, painting, printing, and more.

Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 3 to 7. An exiting, animated adventure, full of surprises and disguises!

My Disney Kitchen - Disney - $14.95

Ages 3 to 7. You can explore, discover - even make a mess - in a fun and safe kitchen made just for you.

My First Bible Stories - DK Multimedia - $12.95

Ages 3 to 7. A delightful introduction to the Bible! Based on the best-loved Bible stories from the Old Testament.

Outdoor Adventures: Ranger Trail - Fisher-Price - $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Learn all about nature as your explore the great outdoors.

Pajama Sam's Sock Works - Humongous Entertainment - $10.95

Ages 3 to 8. A Junior Arcade game with over 250 randomly selected levels for greater replay value.

Pet Shop - Fisher-Price - $19.95

Ages 4 to 7. Grab your grooming tools and open the door to your very own Fisher-Price Time to Play Pet Shop.

Rescue Heroes: Hurricane Havoc - Fisher-Price- $14.95

Ages 4 to 7. Realistic emergency situations, awesome rescue vehicles and action-oriented activities give your young hero a new adventure every time.

Rolie Polie Olie: The Search for Spot - Disney - $19.95

Ages 2 to 5. You're invited to the Rolie Polie house to help Olie on a learning adventure to find spot.

Spy Fox in Cheese Chase - Humongous - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. Grab your helmet and help SPY Fox catch Russian Blue and return the prized Limburger Cheese!

Spy Fox in Hold the Mustard - Humongous - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. Climb aboard to help SPY Fox save the world's ketchup supply from the evil King Konglomerate!

Star Wars Anakin's Speedway - Lucas Learning - $19.95

Ages 4 and up. Create thousands of Podrace test tracks filled with turns, loops, jumps and tunnels and learn the dynamics of speed and momentum!

Star Wars Jar Jar's Journey - Lucas - $14.95

Ages 4 and up. Read along as Jar Jar and friends lead you through 14 richly animated pages of puzzles, games and activities.

Strawberry Shortcake: Amazing Cookie Party - TLC - $19.95

Ages 4 to 6. Strawberry Shortcake travels the frosted roads of Cakewalk, down the turbulent River Fudge, through Orange Blossom’s Orchards, and into Ginger Snap’s Amazing Cookie Factory.

The Three Grouchketeers - Sesame Street - $9.95

Ages 3 to 6. In this parody of The Three Musketeers, King Oscar the Grouch sends Telly, Zoe and Grover on a quest to find his missing Royal Pig.

Tonka Construction - Hasbro - $9.95

Ages 4 and up. Build imagination with your own fleet of Tonka trucks.

Tonka Search & Rescue - Hasbro - $12.95

Ages 4 and up. Join Tonka Joe and the Tonka Search & Rescue team on exciting, land, air, and sea missions.

Trudy's Time and Place House - Edmark - $9.95

Ages 3 to 6. In Trudy's Time & Place House, children enjoy exploring geography and time with Trudy's whimsical friends!

The Wanderoos Go Exploring - Optical Data Interactive - $12.95/$18.95

Ages 3 to 8. A game of educational hide-and-seek. Includes a hand puppet.

Wanderoos Go To Town - Optical Data Interactive - $12.95/$18.95

Ages 3 to 8. A whole new set of learning adventures await discovery.

Wimzie's House: A Surprise for Horace - Simon & Schuster - $14.95

Ages 2 to 5. This engaging CD-ROM introduces pre-schoolers to everyday emotions through experiences unique to the day care environment.

Winnie the Pooh: Baby - Disney - $14.95

With gentle humor, songs and pleasant surprises, Winnie the Pooh Baby gradually introduces the concept of cause and effect to infants.

Zoboomafoo: Animal Kids - Brighter Child - $9.95

Ages 3 to 8. The hit PBS Kids TV series is leaping onto your computer with 10 fun and educational activities.

Zoboomafoo: Creature Quest - Brighter Child - $19.95

Ages 3 to 6. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they go in hot pursuit of hidden treasure and amazing animal discoveries with their favorite leaping lemur!

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