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ClockWerx - Spectrum HoloByte - $ 18.95

Timing is everything. "A 100 level game that would challenge even the logic of Spock."

Connections - Discovery Channel - $19.95

"Connections is a thought-provoking first-person adventure and puzzle game that plays much like Activision's Return to Zork." - Computer Shopper.

Counting at Bridge - Mike Lawrence - $29.95

Counting at Bridge presents you with over 100 bridge hands devoted to counting.

Defense - Mike Lawrence - $29.95

Defense. What is partner doing? What is declarer doing? What should you do?

D Show - Disney - $14.95

Get ready to buzz-in on a non-stop ride through the world of Disney trivia!

Disney's Trivia Challenge - Disney - $14.95

Test your Disney knowledge with thousands of challenging questions in the ultimate Disney trivia game.

Hoyle Casino 2002 - Sierra - $12.95

The 14 great games and animated opponents make it easy to see why Hoyle Casino is number one.

Hoyle Puzzle Games 2003 - Sierra - $19.95

15 addictive games: Anagrams, Crosswords, Gravity Tiles, Hangman, The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions, Mahjong Tiles, Slide Tiles, Edge Tiles, Maze Racer, Maze Raider, Memory Tiles, Placer Racer, Solitaire Arcade, Star Collector, and Time Breaker.

The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions - Sierra - $19.95

Step into our lab, put on your white coat. and discover the true meaning of Weird Science.

Maurice Ashely Teaches Chess - Davidson - $9.95

For Beginning or Intermediate Players. Both a complete teaching tool and a full-featured chess program.

Private Bridge Lessons, Vol. One - Mike Lawrence - $29.95

Includes many specific dummy play techniques such as simple squeezes, endplays, counting hands, entries, percentage plays and safety plays.

Private Bridge Lessons, Vol. Two - Mike Lawrence - $29.95

Includes many specific dummy play techniques such as dummy reversals, trump coups, crossruff, and loser on loser.

Qwirks - Spectrum Holobyte - $18.95

"Qwirks is an extremely addictive and exciting game in the Tetris tradition."

Star Trek: The Game Show - Sound Source Interactive - $14.95

The ultimate trivia challenge spanning over 30 years of Star Trek.

Strategy Challenges Collection 1: Around the World - Edmark - $ 9.95

Ages 8 to adult. Three classic games: Mancala, Go-Moku, and Nine Men's Morris.

Tournament Poker No Limit Texas Hold'em - Donohoe - $19.95

Perfect for beginners and experienced players alike, you can compete in tournaments with up to 5000 challenging computer opponents on three skill levels.

The Two Over One System - Mike Lawrence - $29.95

The software will teach you to play 2/1 Game Force, the preferred bidding system of America's experts.

You Don't Know Jack - Berkeley Systems - $9.95

If you're good at other trivia games, it don't mean Jack now.

You Don't Know Jack Volume 2 - Berkeley Systems - $14.95

New question types and features. 800 all-new questions. Celebrity guest appearances.

You Don't Know Jack 3 - Berkeley Systems - $9.95

This new triple-play Jack contains 800 all-new challenging and hilarious questions combining pop culture with classic trivia in a mind-bending mixture of sarcasm and irreverence.

You Don't Know Jack XL - Berkeley Systems - $14.95

You Don't Know Jack X-tra Large is the ultimate party game with over 1200 quiestions.

You Don't Know Jack XXL - Berkeley Systems - $19.95

You Don't Know Jack X-tra X-tra Large is the ultimate Jack collection.

You Don't Know Jack Movies - Berkeley Systems - $9.95

Jack Movies covers everything from Fred Astaire to Freddy Krueger, and famous quotes to movie sequels.

You Don't Know Jack Sports - Berkeley Systems - $14.95

So, you think you're a jock? Well, it don't mean Jack now.

You Don't Know Jack Television - Sierra - $9.95

Jack TV is on the air! More categories than cable channels.


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