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SCREEN SAVERS for Macintosh

Beside Still Waters - Willow Road - $14.95

In this special software edition, Thomas Kinkade brings you 40 of his best-loved images, accompanied by specially selected Scripture from the King James Version of the Bible, to read and appreciate on your computer screen.

Cats & More - Willow Road - $9.95

All of Charles Wysocki's mischievous and loveable cats are brought together in this humorous and unforgettable CD-ROM collection.

Civil War - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver draws on the unparalled Civil War collections of the Library of Congress - including photographs, drawings, maps, manuscripts, books, bradsides, periodicals, popular art, and music - for twenty seven extraordinary images that provide a telling glimpse into a defining episode in US history.

Enduring Freedom - Willow Road - $9.95

From the Frontline: Action-packed images of the military machines, aircraft and personnel fighting for freedom in Afghanistan.

Escher - Pomegranate - $14.95

Escher's eerie, astonishing experiments in perspective and perception will add depth and distraction to your desktop.

Gardens of the Impressionists - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver presents twenty-seven outstanding garden portraits by the giants of Impressionism.

Gardens of Serenity - Willow Road - $9.95

40 abundant and beautiful Kinkade gardens enhanced by thoughtful quotations from Scripture, poetry and prose, bring an Eden-like serenity to your computer screen.

Anne Geddes: Unforgettable Collection - Willow Road - $9.95

The Unforgettable Collection is a must-have for everyone and anyone who loves babies.

The Groove Thing - Big Top Productions - $ 8.95

A rocket-fire digital kaleidoscope that you direct. An audio landscape you control.

Ireland - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screensaver treats the viewer to twenty-seven unforgettable images of Ireland's natural treasures.

Lisa Jane's Angels - Willow Road - $9.95

Lisa Jane's exquisite tableaux capture the beauty, innocence and angelic nature of childhood for you to enjoy again and again.

Kliban Cat Screens - Pomegranate - $14.95

B Kliban's acclaimed felines give command performances as they romp and bumble, smirk and grumble through twenty-seven tableaux of catly existence in this hilarious cartoon compilation.

LIFE United We Stand - Willow Road - $9.95

Patriotic screen saver. 40 patriotic images from LIFE Magazine.

Lightposts for Living - Willow Road - $14.95

The art of choosing a joyful life is revealed in Thomas Kinkade's own words and companion Scripture.

Love in Every Room - Willow Road - $9.95

A changing display of Karla Dornacher's heart-warming drawings, many with Scripture, will grace your screen.

Maxfield Parrish - Pomegranate - $14.95

With their shapely sylphs, riotous flora, extraordinary light, and wildly dramatic settings, Parrish's neoclassical fantasies are still among the American artworks we love the best.

Monet's Passion: The Gardens at Giverny - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver has twenty-seven full-color photographs of Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny, by photographer Elizabeth Murray.

My Utmost for His Highest - Willow Road - $14.95

Oswald Chambers' classic text, and more than 50 Kinkade paintings with messages from Scripture, bring spiritual insight to your life through your computer screen.

Norman Rockwell Screensaver - Cinegram Media - $19.95

Features 30 of Rockwell's illustrations, displaying his unique perception of people doing ordinary things in delightful, thought-provoking, often humorous situations.

NWF Editions: The Art of Conservation - Willow Road - $14.95

The National Wildlife Federation brings you 40 remarkable paintings created by nationally acclaimed artists.

Ocean Sanctuary - Willow Road - $9.95

Explore the breathtaking imagery that has made Christian Riece Lassen a household name the world over.

Quilts, Quotes and Country Style - Willow Road - $9.95

Bring the warmth of Country Style into your life with the artwork of gifted artist, expert quilt designer and country crafter Debbie Mumm.

Robert Trent Jones Jr. Classic Golf Screen Saver - Willow Road - $9.95

While at work or home, now your computer can take you where you really want to be - on 18 of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.'s celebrated golf courses from around the world.

Romantic Hideaways - Willow Road - $9.95

37 of Thomas Kinkade's most romantic paintings, coupled with select quotations.

Space - Pomegranate - $14.95

This screen saver has twenty-seven full-color photographs of deep space from the Hubble Telescope.

Susan Seddon Boulet - Pomegranate - $14.95

The paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet resonate with spiritual energy and speak in the language of the soul.

Thomas Kinkade: Painter of Light - Inspirational Screen Saver - Willow Road - $9.95

40 of his best-loved paintings, coupled with heart-warming text, to light up your computer screen - and your life.

Totally Twisted After Dark Screen Saver - Berkeley - $9.95

The world's #1 selling screen saver gone mad.

Wit & Whimsy! - Willow Road - $9.95

40 of Mary Engelbreit's warm, witty and wise images will add a spark of humor into your day!

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